Blockchain Expert Solutions is a technology and digital marketing company that utilizes the disruptive blockchain technology to develop high-end products for organizations around the world. We have experience in developing blockchain-based solutions for almost every industry out there and are experts in ICO/Coin Marketing and Crypto Community Management.

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Blockchain Consulting

The Blockchain experts at BES know all about the best implementation of blockchain technology in your industry and they can be excellent consultants for your current and future projects. Making the processes transparent & efficient helps all businesses around the world and this is just one of the many benefits featured by blockchain technology. We can help you in developing blockchain custom software, conducting successful ICOs and creating decentralized applications.

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Research and Development

Transforming dreams to reality requires extensive research to determine the best methodology and the right approach to doing so. When it comes to implementing blockchain technology, the need for R&D becomes even greater. Fortunately, we have a good team of researchers who are capable of finding answers to your Blockchain-related concerns. Our Blockchain services are tailored to meet the business needs of all industries and resolve issues related to blockchain performance, scalability, and use cases.

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Whitepapers developed by Blockchain Expert Solutions are well researched and help in establishing an expert within your domain. Not only these comprehensive documents educate investors about your blockchain project, but they also persuade them to invest in it. Our whitepapers are actually sales pitches for your projects that simply get investors attracted to your ideas. We feature carefully designed infographics and intelligent use cases in our whitepapers.

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are the mechanisms that allow the enactment of credible, trackable and irreversible transactions without the need of third parties. Blockchain Expert Solutions develops secure and audited smart contracts (ERC20) that help you in verifying the performance of a contract on the blockchain. We create, manage and execute smart contracts that enable your Blockchain business process to become really convenient and easy to manage.

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ICO and Coin Marketing

BES features targeted ICO Marketing Strategies that are specifically designed to achieve the required traction to widen your business and bring investors for your ICO. We are experts in tapping the right markets by incorporating PPC, SEO, Social Media, ICO Forums and Email advertising. Our ICO and Coin Marketing Services are not just limited to Lead Generation, we also focus on investors’ conversion & retention.

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Community Management

We allocated dedicated community managers for your project whose main responsibilities revolve around developing online communities of interested investors and keep them engaged throughout your project life. We are adept at managing communities on Telegram, Discord, Quora, Reddit and keeping people engaged on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so your investors never lose interest in your project and always remember you in good words.

6 Successful Projects
7 Team Members

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