Sharjeel Bhatti

Sharjeel Bhatti believes in following the latest standards in order to achieve the milestones. His primary motive is to develop business through various channels. He currently acts as an investor in Blockchain Expert Solutions.

Mudaser Iqbal

Mudaser Iqbal is the founder and CIO of Blockchain Expert Solutions. He is an expert in writing quality whitepapers, SRS for complex blockchain design, ICO planning & execution and financial analysis of projects.

Asher Azad

Asher Azad is the COO and CTO of Blockchain Expert Solutions. Keen on collecting ideas and developing them into successful software solutions, Asher plays a vital role in the creation of user-centric business solutions.

Rosheel Baig

Rosheel Baig is the Co-founder and CEO of Blockchain Expert Solutions. He is mainly responsible for Business Development of the organization but he also plays a vital role in the management of the company.