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July 23, 2019

Things Everybody Need to Know About Blockchain


While going through technology and financial news, you may have observed “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” popping out. Maybe you also read up the concept, but still unsure about it and its principles. Blockchain technology is not much different from the things you already happen around. It is a wave of future that backed Bitcoin innovation.

Blockchain technology enables people to create entries into a public record just as Wikipedia. Users can then amend or update the record. The record/ledger is not a property/product of a single person hence, allowing all users to control it. Blockchain technology is truly decentralized, fairer, and more transparent than any public ledger.

To know more about blockchain properties, click this link.

So, how does blockchain Works?

With no new technology, but a combination of technologies, blockchain is a revolutionizing technology – a step towards the transparent and decentralized world. It comprises of private cryptographic keys, distributed ledger, servers, clients, blocks, and identities.

Blockchain is a systematic set of data that is processed through mining, where each block get identified by a hash and timestamp. By creating and assigning crypto keys using cryptography rules, the node initiates a transaction.

But, what is blokchain transaction?

By transaction, we are not talking about your  financial transaction. But, every action took over a blockchain platform is known as transactions. It can be a transfer of values, relevant rules addresses, and sources between users and network. It may include transfer of money too.

How transfer takes place?

The process is so simple. Validators/nodes verify each transaction then to include it in a block to propagate it onto the network. As the block gets into the decentralized ledger, it then connects itself with other blocks using cryptography rules. Once added, data becomes immutable or tamper-proof.

Whereas, block in a blockchain is like a unit/page of a ledger containing all information about timestamp, digital signature, and transaction data.  A consensus has to achieve for validation, to verify each transaction for new block generation.

So, the above mentioned is a summary of basic blockchain terms and its operation. To learn more about blockchain technology and its implementation, subscribe us.



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July 11, 2019

Understanding Blockchain and its Features


Leave blockchain aside. Let’s talk about the internet or world wide web, where we consume a lot of stuff, live here, make relations, do transactions, buy products, gets info and news, hence do everything. The Internet has closer the world than ever before.

And I am sure that at least once in a life, you have also gone through Wikipedia, an advanced form of a traditional encyclopedia, where decentralized Wikipedians post information to build the community. Rather than centralized or limited contributors, anyone can add information here that then freely available to anyone. And it also enables you to view the history of edits that have been made any time. 

So, when you already familiar with all such mechanism and technology, then what’s hard for you to learn about what is actually blockchain?

Unlike the word blockchain, it consists of several blocks that are linked together with chain using cryptography. This technology works on the democratic principle, which means that no one can add or delete or edit any information without the consensus of others and as soon as the block gets on the blockchain it becomes publicly available. Everyone can see it – even you.

Why Blockchain?

You may say that a blockchain is an advanced form of internet or some sort of Wikipedia with advanced features that brings all together more closely, relevantly and transparently. It is a decentralized platform that distributes the data all over the network without any centralized database. This ingenious technology promotes secure data storage, integration through distributed ledgers ensuring transparency and security against data tampering. 

Here are key-features of blockchain technology: 


Before blockchain evolution, our entire computerized system was centralized or controlled by a single entity. However, blockchain is a decentralized network, where anyone can add information here – similar in the case of Wikipedia. Here the control is shared by multiple independent identities.

Distributed Ledger:

However, blockchain is also a distributed ledger where data is not stored at a single physical place instead of distributed across various P2P networks. Or we can say that its parts exist in different locations, i.e., not a single server, PC or a device.

Transparent and Immutable:

Each block in the blockchain is connected to one preceding and one successive block in a tamperproof chain. Once the data is added in the blockchain it becomes permanent, not alterable or removeable. No one has access to remove data from the blockchain, and if a change occurs, a complete history of previous versions remain available. It also prevents duplication or forgery and data theft.

So, all these features of blockchain can address the transparency, security, and data issues that our financial, administrative, health, education, and other sectors are facing.

To know more about blockchain technology, its implementation and market scoop, keep visiting blockchain expert solutions.

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July 4, 2019

Businessman or Entrepreneur? Learn 5 Tips to Make Fourth July Unforgettable

Independence Day or Fourth July dates back to 1776 when the United States got freedom from Great Britain. It is celebrated as a federal holiday with picnics, barbecues, parades, decors, family and business celebrations. People display American flags outside their buildings, accompanied by the national anthem, patriotic songs, and fireworks

Many bloggers write articles on July 4 celebrations, but hardly any of them write tips for business professionals to make their Independence Day exemplary. The lack of such write-ups pushed me to grab keyboard, cellphone and make calls and messages to learn from professionals how they celebrate American Independence Day to assist other businesspersons. So, here are mind-blowing tips to make the event memorable.

Decor Your Place:

It’s okay if you feel flag an old-fashioned or an incomplete guise to cheer up this day. Several others perceive alike, too. Use red, blue and white balloons and origami crafts on Independence Day 2019 to give an enchanting aesthetic to your place without compromising your love for America.

Host a Promotional Event:

Doesn’t matter, pre, pots, or on day celebration, Independence Day Event bring high market value for your firm. Complementing your direct marketing campaigns will eventually attract your customer and also refuels your staff to give energetic performance through the rest of the year. Take it to the next level by also arranging a parade.


It may sound not over beaten concept. But, give your honest view – what would July 4 look without a traditional golden cookout? So, must have an open-air barbeque with your staff on this event. Writing it is already making me hungry, but a day left to enjoy the delicious juicy flavor.

Arrange Quality Family Time:

No doubt, your entity is your foremost priority, yet your family should too. Have some valuable moments with your parents, spouse, children, and true-friends on July 4 to enjoy the real spirit of American Independence Day.

Plan for your business prosperity:

If your business sucks, don’t wait anymore to outsource your business to dynamic blockchain services provider for improved functionality. Also, avail amazing 25% discount on services of Blockchain Expert Solutions and also get absolutely free quotes, whitepaper, business, and technical model review.

So, businesspersons use the tips mentioned above to make your Independence Day memorable. Don’t forget to add a customized touch to your celebrations as per your personal and business requirements.

Cheers men! It is Fourth July!



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