5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Blockchain Technology?

Technology is ever-changing. It moves fast, changes rapidly, increasing demand for those who know new technologies. If you are still stuck with your old cube editing java or playing with OOP, you are living in the past. After a few years, these skills will not ensure your good wage rate and will demand only a few employees. Contrary to this, act wisely and learn advanced skills, and revolutionary technologies such as blockchain to exist in the market.

You may assume it a toddler. The fact is blockchain is a leader among emerging technologies. And amazingly, its demand isn’t just limited to blockchain developers. The industry also looks forward to PR, marketers, business developers, brokers, and clerical staff equipped with blockchain knowledge. So, besides only focusing on accounting certification, digital marketing, and development courses, you should also keep yourself updated with emerging blockchain technology (which has already made a strong presence in the world). But, if you genuinely want to remain in the development game, learning blockchain technology is a matter of life and death for you.

Wait, a minute! Do you even know what blockchain technology is?

Derived from block and chain, blockchain technology was introduced in 2008. It is a distributed ledger system that ensures legitimate secure transactions via point to point network. Following its first application, i.e., Bitcoin, some people synonyms it with cryptocurrency. However, this technology has widespread use cases in all segments such as finance, governance, operations, industrial process, entertainment, etc.

Here are the facts that show why you should learn blockchain technology:

The blockchain market is booming LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S Emerging Jobs Report shows that blockchain developer as topping the list in job roles. The post comes with the highest growth rate of 33 times, exactly 33 times, not 33%.

Top companies such as IBM, Huawei, and Samsung are in the race to hire blockchain developers. Whereas, blockchain centric firms are already aggressively trying to pursue the best talent.

Industry giants like Walmart, Nestle, Carrefour are adopting blockchain technology in their processes. The trend shows an increasing demand for blockchain developers, consultants, and PR persons.

According to AngelList, most of the blockchain jobs are remote-friendly. 33% of blockchain jobs are remote-friendly, which are 15% higher than in other industries. Booooooom! Learn blockchain technology and work from home.
Whether these are technical or non-technical jobs, blockchain experts receive 10-20% higher salaries than other professionals. Blockchain salaries range $90.5k -200k annually Zip Recruiter reports.

I think these reasons are enough to know the significance of learning the blockchain development. So, why not to enroll with Miranz blockchain hyper-ledger training program opening massive opportunities for you to prosper. Enroll yourself right now and also avail the chance to win a 50% discount.

Things Everybody Need to Know About Blockchain


While going through technology and financial news, you may have observed “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” popping out. Maybe you also read up the concept, but still unsure about it and its principles. Blockchain technology is not much different from the things you already happen around. It is a wave of future that backed Bitcoin innovation.

Blockchain technology enables people to create entries into a public record just as Wikipedia. Users can then amend or update the record. The record/ledger is not a property/product of a single person hence, allowing all users to control it. Blockchain technology is truly decentralized, fairer, and more transparent than any public ledger.

To know more about blockchain properties, click this link.

So, how does blockchain Works?

With no new technology, but a combination of technologies, blockchain is a revolutionizing technology – a step towards the transparent and decentralized world. It comprises of private cryptographic keys, distributed ledger, servers, clients, blocks, and identities.

Blockchain is a systematic set of data that is processed through mining, where each block get identified by a hash and timestamp. By creating and assigning crypto keys using cryptography rules, the node initiates a transaction.

But, what is blokchain transaction?

By transaction, we are not talking about your  financial transaction. But, every action took over a blockchain platform is known as transactions. It can be a transfer of values, relevant rules addresses, and sources between users and network. It may include transfer of money too.

How transfer takes place?

The process is so simple. Validators/nodes verify each transaction then to include it in a block to propagate it onto the network. As the block gets into the decentralized ledger, it then connects itself with other blocks using cryptography rules. Once added, data becomes immutable or tamper-proof.

Whereas, block in a blockchain is like a unit/page of a ledger containing all information about timestamp, digital signature, and transaction data.  A consensus has to achieve for validation, to verify each transaction for new block generation.

So, the above mentioned is a summary of basic blockchain terms and its operation. To learn more about blockchain technology and its implementation, subscribe us.