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Beyond Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology is Transforming the World’s Landscape

Whenever a new technology pops out, rumours abruptly resonate with them, the same as in the case of blockchain technology. Even after ten years of its birth, some pronounce it as synonymous with Bitcoin. While others are unknown to it pondering over what is blockchain technology

While going through technology and financial sites, you probably stumbled upon two types of stories. Those who declare blockchain an evil technology that will eventually fill the world with narcotics, immunition deals, black-money transfer, and wasting natural resources and electricity. The others advocate blockchain a revolutionizing technology that will transform accounts, supply chain, healthcare, polling system, e-commerce, and real-estate. 

But, this article is solely focusing on how blockchain is reshaping the e-commerce companies. So here are some of the startling implications of blockchain technology in the e-commerce marketplace that will let you surprised. Even, Walmart, Unilever, Subway, and other consumer and food management chains are bringing blockchain into their system. 

Blockchain brings transparency in e-commerce:

Who knows about you, but I feel a huge lack of transparency in the e-commerce industry. It is a filthy world of fake reviews, cheap material, low quality, and rotten shipment. By applying blockchain will create a decentralized e-commerce environment where every wrongdoing will be gauged instantly. Blockchain stores data in blocks that take subtle effort to be created and went through a cumbersome verification process before creation. So, no one will upload fake reviews, neither the merchant or the platform will be able to play with data and transactions. 

Blockchain offers enhanced personalized marketing: 

Blockchain keeps precise track of every single transaction or event that occurred on the network. It is eventually helpful for your business and branding. By utilizing the data, firms can create ideal personalized efforts, which are incredibly beneficial for marketing. Whenever a particular customer reaches a specific limit of purchases, a company/brand will enable specific discounts, offers, or hampers for him. A personalized offer will boost customer loyalty bringing higher revenue for the company.

Blockchain technology enables provenance tracking:

The technology makes it simpler to manage the shipment of cargo, cuts off the cost, and deals with inventory management. Moreover, it also allows us to track the source or origin of the product. By using RFID tags, one can easily trace the information about the item he is interested in by giving complete information from its inception to its current status. 

Summing up, blockchain technology can effectively deal with the existing problems of the e-commerce industry by offering a more reliable platform. Want to learn more or have to develop a blockchain-enabled system for your firm? Click here to connect with our blockchain consultants


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December 4, 2019

Blockchain Beyond Crypto: The best video games of 2020 beyond

Here it is! Another breakthrough! Blockchain experts are taking over yours and my favorite gaming industry as well. I certainly never knew until I played the World of Ether (WoE). The experience was really wowed as a combination of gaming and block chain technology was a truly fab. I also find it a possible way to the mass adoption of the technology. And obviously, there could be no better way to teach people about the technology, that they are afraid of, by giving them in their hands. It allows them to explore its benefits in real-time.

Here is the list of best blockchain games 2019-2020

World of Ether

Have you ever played Pokemon? If so, you must have loved it, too. And certainly, you will enjoy the World of Ether as well. This is an astonishing multi-level rich, interactive ethereum block chain-based game centered around producing, combating and selling monsters. The concept is the same as that of Pokemon, but in WoE, player levels up rather than monsters.

The game involves four types of monsters, common, uncommon, rare and legendary. The last one is extremely valuable and the hardest to earn. Like Pokemon, you can attack, heal, or move the counter making your opponent lose. You need ETH and MetaMask to play the game and can earn the ETH on WoE by siring or selling.

My Crypto Heroes

Another battle game, and no less interesting than the former one. My Crypto Heroes is an HTML5 game based on blockchain. The game has ancient heroes whom you train to fight by equipping them with different gears. Once they are ready to fight, you can conquer the globe.

You can play it on your browser and smartphones. And for it, you need MetaMask and ETH that will let you buy most of the heroes from the MCH marketplace. You can even play the game without ETH but will have limited functionality. There are only a few default ancient heroes in the games that can’t let you win the battle.

EOS Knights

Image result for eos knights

Assuming me a diehard fan of fighting games? No, no, I love simple, amusing stuff as well. But, the third game in this list is also a survival game. EOS Knights is a mobile-based EOS blockchain game that has multiplayer functionality, six-level items, new item lists, the marketplace, and additional boss content. The game needs an EOS wallet to run.

In the game, you have to kill as many goblins as you can to save your village from their attack. The game has three heroes/knights that are Eric, Oria, and Mage whom you can assist with buying them armors and weapons to win the game. Overall, it is an amazing game to relax your muscles.

F1 Delta Time

I am fond of travelling, roads, racing, and adventures. I remember being a kid who loved to watch Nascar while his other fellows watching Billy and Mandy on screens. I have also been scolded by my mom for watching that show, but I didn’t stop watching. So, there is no doubt that as soon as it released the whitepaper, I desperately started waiting for F1 Delta Time.

According to its whitepaper, “This is a blockchain-based game that will utilize the Ethereum platform, ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards for non-fungible and fungible tokens, respectively.” The game comes with the trading experience of amazing virtual items such as cars, drivers, etc., via cryptocurrencies. And, the rest of the game will be just like any traditional car racing game such as Need For Speed, etc. Overall, the game is expected to gain a lot of audiences, coupled with increase crypto fever in youth.

The Sandbox

Made 40M downloads, the blockchain-based version of The Sandbox has not been released yet. This version is expected to come with a couple of exciting features and commercial possibilities, being the most anticipated games globally. Like its forefather, it is a story of evolution and development.

The Sandbox Marketplace allows creators to freely move their assets from one gaming platform to another. And during the entire transfer process, it takes care of ultimate security and authenticity via blockchain integration. In all, this game will provide ultimate gaming and selling experience to the entire community.

So, guys, this was our gaming buzz of the day. I hope you liked it and have explored how blockchain and cryptocurrency are not only transforming business and financial landscape but also the gaming world. So, the investment of today will promise tomorrow’s future.

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November 27, 2019

A courageous entrepreneur tells about future of blockchain technology in Pakistan


During my undergraduate, I got my first job – a milestone that nobody around me had deemed possible. While it was just a menial clerical position, I was now convinced that everything was for the taking. Computers were my calling so I enrolled in a Master’s program for Computer Sciences and surprisingly graduated with highest grades in class!

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November 22, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Blockchain Technology?

Technology is ever-changing. It moves fast, changes rapidly, increasing demand for those who know new technologies. If you are still stuck with your old cube editing java or playing with OOP, you are living in the past. After a few years, these skills will not ensure your good wage rate and will demand only a few employees. Contrary to this, act wisely and learn advanced skills, and revolutionary technologies such as blockchain to exist in the market.

You may assume it a toddler. The fact is blockchain is a leader among emerging technologies. And amazingly, its demand isn’t just limited to blockchain developers. The industry also looks forward to PR, marketers, business developers, brokers, and clerical staff equipped with blockchain knowledge. So, besides only focusing on accounting certification, digital marketing, and development courses, you should also keep yourself updated with emerging blockchain technology (which has already made a strong presence in the world). But, if you genuinely want to remain in the development game, learning blockchain technology is a matter of life and death for you.

Wait, a minute! Do you even know what blockchain technology is?

Derived from block and chain, blockchain technology was introduced in 2008. It is a distributed ledger system that ensures legitimate secure transactions via point to point network. Following its first application, i.e., Bitcoin, some people synonyms it with cryptocurrency. However, this technology has widespread use cases in all segments such as finance, governance, operations, industrial process, entertainment, etc.

Here are the facts that show why you should learn blockchain technology:

The blockchain market is booming LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S Emerging Jobs Report shows that blockchain developer as topping the list in job roles. The post comes with the highest growth rate of 33 times, exactly 33 times, not 33%.

Top companies such as IBM, Huawei, and Samsung are in the race to hire blockchain developers. Whereas, blockchain centric firms are already aggressively trying to pursue the best talent.

Industry giants like Walmart, Nestle, Carrefour are adopting blockchain technology in their processes. The trend shows an increasing demand for blockchain developers, consultants, and PR persons.

According to AngelList, most of the blockchain jobs are remote-friendly. 33% of blockchain jobs are remote-friendly, which are 15% higher than in other industries. Booooooom! Learn blockchain technology and work from home.
Whether these are technical or non-technical jobs, blockchain experts receive 10-20% higher salaries than other professionals. Blockchain salaries range $90.5k -200k annually Zip Recruiter reports.

I think these reasons are enough to know the significance of learning the blockchain development. So, why not to enroll with Miranz blockchain hyper-ledger training program opening massive opportunities for you to prosper. Enroll yourself right now and also avail the chance to win a 50% discount.

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